miel bon bons



"If you can resist ordering one of Lau's creations for yourself, along with a French press coffee, and settling down at one of the handful of tables in her chandelier-dripping jewel box of a shop, you have more willpower than I do."

- Greg Cox, Epicurean Writer for the News & Observer

"Better than Godiva and lots more interesting!  Each piece is a hand-crafted masterpiece.  Indulge yourself!"

- Ramani from Canada

"Beautifully made and presented, great flavor combinations that really work.  As good as we've had in Paris, NYC, Montreal, San Francisco, and other major cities."

- Marc Satterwhite from Louisville, Kentucky

"These chocolates are each a little surprise in your mouth. The mixture of spice, fruit and herbs is truly a delicious combination."

- Geoffry from Canada

"Dear Bonnie,

I wanted to take the time to share with you how much we loved your chocolates at our event.  They were quite the hit, and the event itself was and absolute smash!  We look forward to seeing you and your staff at the store soon!"

- Letter from Kasey Stagg and the Anthropologie Team at Southpoint Mall, Durham, North Carolina

"Sitting at the small tables in this quiet old building of shops, munching top-notch chocolates, makes any day a great day."

- Art Jolin and Wafaa Carter, Jordan Lake, North Carolina

"Absolutely the best treat you could ever give yourself."

- Rob from Oregon

"The chocolates are works of art - truly an experience!."

- Heather from Chicago

"This is by far the best little chocolate house I've ever been to.  I loved all the interesting flavors.  What a treat!"

- Donna from Oregon

"The Sea Salt Caramel Truffle and the Triple Espresso Truffle are delicious - both direct and complex at the same time"

- Rebecca Jemien from Ithaca, New York
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